Claire Cameron


I’ve spent much of my life outside, canoe tripping in Algonquin Park, tree planting in Northern Ontario, climbing in Joshua Tree and elsewhere in California and leading month-long trips on the rivers and mountains of Oregon for Outward Bound. I’ve traveled through the Alps and discovered the advantages that come with speaking the local language while climbing a tricky route in the Pyrenees, but that’s a story for another time.

I’ve also spent time inside, living in San Francisco and London, UK before moving back to Toronto a few years ago.

Adventure is at the heart of my writing. I am interested in those times when I’ve got hurt, scared or felt like I couldn’t keep going. I want to know what happens to a character when she or he is pushed to the edge. It’s a way to glimpse inside.

And bears. I write about bears because I love them and they scare me. I’ve met quite a few bears in my time and what I’ve observed often doesn’t reconcile with the stories I hear.

I collect bear stories. I am interested in why we tell them, what we get from them, how they help us and how they don’t. Tell me yours?